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   Advertising by IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India*) is happening continuously these days through TV which you must be watching.  In which the importance of life insurance * (term plan) *, health insurance, general insurance, (vehicle, house etc.) is briefly told in a few seconds.
Have you ever thought about this topic?
  … no!

Why is the apex body of insurance *IRDAI* (like the bank’s RBI) running a campaign for awareness?  Have you ever thought seriously?
……. no no!!
If you have not done it then do it. The death of a living being is the last truth in the world.
  But after the sudden death of the earning member of a family, what problems do the remaining members of the family have to face!  Is anyone imagining?
  The answer is……no.
It becomes more troublesome when after the departure of the head, it is known that there is a home loan, a car loan or a liability in the grocery and cloth shop.
From above, no financial planning has been done for the education of children and for their big work like marriage.
Insurance helps you and your family financially in case of such mishaps.
If there is health insurance, then the company will give you the full cost of the treatment, due to which your deposits are exhausted, you do not even know, because if a family member is admitted to the hospital, then the first priority is to save life, whether  Sell ​​everything.  …… that’s what happens isn’t it!  What the doctor has to say.  ……isn’t it true?

Similarly, if there is not enough insurance but only ten to fifteen lakhs, then it is not enough insurance, but it is like cheating yourself.

Suppose if a person earns 30 thousand monthly and he has taken a savings plan of 40 thousand annual premium, then there will be no insurance of more than 10 lakhs.  10 lakh is equal to three years’ earnings.  For example, if that person dies suddenly, imagine what will be the condition of the dependent family!!  But if there is enough insurance then that will not be a problem.  At least not financial problems.

Term plan helps your family enough
at a nominal premium
Life Term Premium ₹
25 20 years per day 16 ₹
30 20 years –“— 19 ₹
35 20 –“– –“– 25 ₹
40 20 –“– –“– 36 ₹
45 20 –“– –“– 52 ₹
50 20 –“– –“– 76 ₹

I will get insurance of * 50 lakhs.

So would you just pass up the opportunity?
(Premium is applicable according to age and sum insured) Similarly, get health insurance at very low premium.

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