Important points of benefits from health insurance

(1) The option of sum insured is 5 lakh, 7.5 lakh, 10 lakh, 15 lakh, 20 lakh, 25 lakh, 50 lakh, 75 lakh and 1 crore.

( 2). Premiums for the term of 1 year and two years can be taken together.

(3). Automatic restoration 100% which can now be used for same disease and person.

(4). The duration of pregnancy has been reduced from 36 months to 24 months and the facility has been extended.(Now delivery covered after 2 years)

(5). The option of maternity individual has been added.

(6).🤱🏻 New Born Baby cover extended. Earlier there was cover till the policy term which now will be covered for one year from birth.

(7) Vaccination limit has been increased to 5000 ₹ which was only 1000 ₹ earlier.

(8). PED (Pre-existing Illness) waiting period reduced to 36 months from 48 months earlier.

(9). PED can be covered even after one year by paying additional premium.

(10). Road Ambulance can be used from place of emergency to hospital, transfer from one hospital to another and from hospital to residence on doctor’s advice, will get actual charge of ambulance

(11). Claim premium discount up to 10% under Wellness Programme.

(12). For organ donor cover, special SI covers redo surgery and ICU admission for the donor and cover for the whole year

(13) The limit of bariatric surgery has been increased to 5 lakhs.

(14). Air Ambulance limit included for Sum Assured of 5 Lakh and limit has also been increased.

(15). Personal Accidental Cover Can be given for dependent children (nominee) and individuals who are above 70 years of age, can be covered up to 10 lakhs.

(16). Midterm edition of newly wed spouse and new born child.

(17). Medical test is not required of the person from the age of 90 days to 65 years on taking a new policy.

(18). Pre hospitalization 60 days and post hospitalization 90 days (earlier it was 30 and 60)

(19). Health Checkup available for every claim free year which was available after the first three claim free years.
(Cashless & Home Collection facility in Free Health Checkup Network Hospital(On Intimation on Toll Free)

(20). Cover available for Psychiatric and Psychomatic person also.

(21) Personal accident insurance cover equal to the sum insured (No income proof is required)

(22) NCB (No Claim Bonus) More than 7.5 Lakh 100% on Sum Assured
5 lakh Sum Assured on first renewal 50% next year 50% NCB

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