ULIP Scheme

  • A ULIP is a unit-linked life insurance policy, which gives you an opportunity to build wealth along with life coverage.
  • The premium paid by you for this policy is paid in two ways: one part goes towards the insurance cover while the other is invested in the fund selected by you.  These funds in turn invest in the securities market.
  • On maturity, the fund value as on date is paid.  Most of the insurers offer the option to avail the fund value as a lump sum pay-out or avail the same in installments (settlement option)

  • The policy holder can also choose to switch his fund as per his risk appetite
  • The policy pays death benefit in case of unfortunate demise of the life.  This benefit is higher than the Fund Value, which is the Sum Assured chosen and 105% of the premium paid.

  We hope the difference between these features and plans helps you decide on the type of life insurance that best suits you and your future needs.  While buying a life insurance plan, make sure you consider a premium enough sum insured that you can pay without straining your finances.  The sum insured should take into account inflation, future cost of living and aspirations of you and your family.

The most spectacular and unmatched scheme of the Indian insurance industry till date…

*This scheme is closing on 14th May, the last opportunity to take SBI Life- Smart Platina.*

Now where the interest of FD in the bank is *5%*…
That is our plan gives you *6%* guarantee… that too for 15 years…
*This guarantee will be marked on the policy bond…*
* 6% guarantee for the next 12 or 15 years respectively even on investment up to the next 6 or 7 years.*
With this you will get 10 times insurance of premium…
You can get tax exemption under IT Sec 80-C…
Whatever the maturity amount is, it will also be tax free under *IT sec 10(10-D)*…

*Point to Note*
Since bank interest was deducted by RBI
This plan is closing on 14th May.
The plan is only for a few days….

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