Why life insurance are important for everyone

Hello sir / madam
Do you agree that every person retires after some time?*
Whether he is employed or businessman or farmer or laborer*

Do you believe that those who get regular pension have a better life than those without a pensioner?😊*

Suppose your age is 40 years and your monthly income (salary) is 30 thousand and house expenses are 15 thousand.

  • If you retire after 60 or 62 years, then your monthly income is 70 thousand (+/-) and expenses 40 thousand monthly are likely.*
  • Do you agree that at present a large part of the earnings are spent in the hobby of children’s education, their marriage or house construction and car etc.?
    Do you believe that the immunity power of a person decreases with age. Medical expenses increase.*
  • For example …
  • How much will the same expenditure be after twenty years from today? Guess….4 thousand or 6 thousand or 10 thousand. Anything can happen but will not be less.* The important stage of life starts from here.
  • When you retire, you will get full salary for that month, it will feel great. But are you ready that from the second month no amount will be deposited in your account then how will be your mental condition?*
    Maybe you have enough farming too but after retirement will you be able to take care or get good income from it? * By which enough for household expenses or medical expenses or relatives or some tour (golden life) Let it happen?*
  • May the child take good care of you according to your wish. But will we be able to demand money from the children on every need?* (There are some things which cannot be written…….. Negative examples are found around you.)
  • There are many such questions which you should contemplate on and today as an arrangement to realize the dream of a better life.
    Pension plan of Retire Smart
    start the
    With the facility of auto debit from your bank account at monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly premiums.
    take lifelong pension
  • a lot for your loved ones, some for yourself *.
    *Save today for a convenient life* *Suppose, money is not everything, but money is there, then it is a lot.

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