Why health insurance are important in our family

I am Health Insurance:!

You can’t use me after you die;
But I can be your great support while I live.

I am Health Insurance:!

like me to such an extent that every year keep me with you

I am Health Insurance:!

I am not money but people do not consider me less than a money saving machine.

I am Health Insurance:!

I am like some salt; I am very important but if I am less than necessary then the taste of life gets spoiled.

I am Health Insurance:!

There will be many such examples in history which I did not have,
That’s why those people had to face the hardships of money in life.
The status in the society also decreased and then they could never stand on their feet at the economic level.

I am Health Insurance:!

I am nothing;
But I determine;
That people will respect you so much because in which hospital you will get treatment.

I am Health Insurance:!

If I’m with you, I’m yours! So your hard earned money is safe.
If I don’t have you, then nothing is safe for you.

I am Health Insurance:!

I honestly protect your money.

I am Health Insurance:!

I am the solution to all diseases;
And I am the bearer of happiness for you and your loved ones. ,

Why is Health Insurance (MEDICLAIM) necessary???*

1. It is not necessary that there is enough cash in the house at all times.

  • 2.* Illness never comes by telling.
  • 3. Discount offers do not run in the hospital.

  • 4. Doctor cannot do the treatment on your own wish.

  • 5. Your family members cannot be seen in sorrow.
  • 6.* If there is no health insurance, any expensive item of the house can also be sold.
  • 7. Business may get ruined due to the loan coming without any reason (Hospitalization).

  • 8. You cannot guarantee the other vehicle on the road.

  • 9. Illness or accident will not come after seeing your money arrangement.

  • 10. Illness is not as cheap as before. Who can take health insurance?

  • 1 Who loves his family.

  • 2 Who likes peace of mind.

  • 3 Those who want to take exemption from Income Tax (80D).
  • When can I take health insurance?

  • ✔ Now, because take health insurance when you do not need it, because you will not be able to get health insurance when you need it.
  • It is not proper to be ignorant even knowing everything that I or my family cannot fall ill.Then what are you waiting for.

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