How to make bike insurance in paytm online insurence

Hello friends, today we want to teach you something new again today’s topic is how to insurance online bike sitting at home and will also tell about its benefits as well as tell step by step the process of insurance and online tutorial bike insurance through paytm.

First of all you have to download and install paytm application by going to playstore, now you have to open and enter your main mobile number which is registered in the bank, then after entering the number otp will come then otp has to be verified then you have to aadhar card and pan  It is necessary to do kyc confirmation through the card, you can also do it online sitting at home and if you want, you can also do it offline, once the verification is done, you add your bank account then generate the pin code and keep it  and don’t tell anyone.

Now you can go to the section of bike insurance, there it asks you to enter the number of your bike, as soon as you enter the number, it shows you all your details, ownership name, address and chassis number, then on pressing the next button, you will get some basic plan of insurance.  It will be shown like 2nd party insurance, 3rd party insurance and compressive insurance, now you can buy any plan according to your wish, it also has some premium insurance plan, even if you can go to premium, in this you will get additional benefits, then you pay  You have to pay by going to the option, then your work will be done, you can keep the pdf copy of the print out which will come out.

Advantage of bike insurance

1.There are many benefits of bike insurance such that if someone dies in an accident, the insurance company gives compensation to the family of the deceased.

2.If a premium plan is taken, then the bike insurance company will also pay the compensation for the one who will be sitting in the bike with you.

3.The insurance company pays all the damage caused to the bike by the accident, if the bike is old, then the insurance company gives 80% of the money, you can get the bike made with that money.

4.If your bike is damaged due to any natural calamity, then the insurance company compensates them.

5. If your bike catches on fire, you or someone else sets it on fire or damages the vehicle, then the insurance company compensates for it.

6.If you cause an accident while driving your bike, that means you hit another person and this leads to his death, then the insurance company pays the compensation amount to his family.

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