Tips for money earning frouding

Hello friends, today we want to give you some basic information so that you can stop the money-lending disturbances, now online fraud is happening a lot, so I thought to share some information with you so that we can be careful.

1.So first of all, know about money doubling, now different types of people will contact you and say, invest so much money in a year, money will come double or triple, if you say so, never get caught in this type of fraud, money will never double.  Would have happened, those who dream of becoming richer in less time make such mistakes and spend their lifetime earnings.

2.This is the second tip of money fraud, in this a person calls and asks you personal information like id number, bank account number and mobile number and you have to tell you that we are talking to the bank or else show the fear of banning your account.  Then you share the information fearfully and tell otp, which ends all the money in your account, that means all the money is stolen online, so never tell any kind of information to the fake callers, so that your earning moment  Completely end.

3.Hello friends, these tips are also going to be very useful for you, so that you can save your earned money from these scammers, it happens that whenever you have some problem online or offline, whether it is related to bank or anything.  Related problem, you go to Google or go to YouTube and find out the helpline number so that you can call and solve your problem by telling it, but you should never make such a mistake, all the numbers available in Google are fake, all the numbers you will get in YouTube are fake and  If you call in it, it will be said that we will solve the problem, tell it, tell it otp, as soon as you tell otp, the money that will remain in your account will be deducted, if you feel disappointed, then definitely keep this thing in mind.

4.In this article, we will tell you what to do if you have given your otp by mistake and the money has been deducted.  First of all, without waiting, go to your nearest police station and get the report written, no matter how much money is deducted, you must write a police case as well as you must register your case with the cyber police.  But the report should be written because whenever he catches the thief you will get your money.

5.These tips are another type of scamming fraud, in this people post by making big websites or making telegram channels that we will give iphone for so cheap, oneplus mobile will be given so cheap, camera and computer etc. is also same and we say all this  Will do with the help of carding like for 1 lakh goods will ask for 2000 rs and ask for 1000 advance and after ordering 1000 rs they are all fake orders, never get any product so cheap, then you should keep in mind that anytime  Do not go in the circle of cheap or else you will have financial problem.

6.This is another new type of scam method, in which scammers call people and say that you have won so much money under this offer and by saying that we will give you money from UPI, tell your upi when you tell your UPI  So he doesn’t send you money and sends money request link, means pay request link and scammer tells you, we have put money in your account, check mobile, notification will come, click on it and enter pin, money will come in your account.  But money will be deducted as soon as you enter your PIN, so keep in mind that whenever money is received, you never ask for PIN, then you should take care of this.

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