How to earn money by playstore application

How to earn money by playstore.  Hello friends, today we will tell you some ways to earn money sitting at home so that you can spend your time pass, just for this you have to follow simple steps, just go to play store and install some application, whose name I will write below.

Cash App-

cash app is a very good application present on play store from which you can earn money, just go to play store and search cash app, after searching it, first you have to install the app which will come on the number, after that simple you have to register  , after this it has points to earn a lot of points, can suck anyone like watching videos refering it will get points, come on, when you have money then you can withdrwal cash through paypal.

Make money – Real cash reward –

make money real cash reward this application is available on play store just go to play store and write make money real cash reward then install the app and login after installing this application gives some survey money means some simple  By answering the question, you reward the wish point, you can convert this point to dollar by converting it, after that you can withdraw money from paypal very easily.

Roj dhan:Earn wallet cash-

Roj dhan : Earn reward money application This is also very easily available on playstore, just install it and login, it gives more money than other applications. In this you just have to install game or some application, let’s install  Some points will be added to your account, as well as by playing the game and using the application, you can increase more reward money, as well as by sharing this app you mean by sharing your invitation link and if someone installs it, then you  Up to Rs 80 and referral balance will be available.

Make money and earn cash reward-

make money and earn cash reward, this application can give you by earning money online, you can earn money by using just a little in your busy time, just write in play store to write make money real cash award and which is the first number and application  Install it and login.  Which you can listen to anytime, like while sleeping or at home, anywhere, anytime.

Google opinion reward –

You have to go to play store and install Google Opinion Rewards app, after installing you have to login, this is an easy way to earn money which is from Google and have to give survey answer, for which we get points, this survey question google us  Gives in between but we have to give correct or satisfactory answer, then we can withdraw all the money in it through paypal.


If you are a cricket lover then Dream11 application will be very useful for you because it can easily earn money and Indian app is like that directly comes in upi or bank account, just like offline betting in cricket, online betting is done in it.  Yes, if you win the bet, you will be able to win a good amount.

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