How to earn money by writing article

How to make money online by writing a article

Hello friends, today we will tell you some ideas of making articles to put on the website or anywhere so that you can earn money.

First of all, we know that why do we need the article, we can read the article for different work in different places like for the tag line in youtube for blog in website and you can take paid writing order in free lensner.

1-You can take the help of a good book, about which you have to write an article, take a related book from its subject and it can be used by taking the article from the book and doing a little modification.

2-To write an article, if you have to write an article on an application, then you can go to the Play Store and see the information of that application and by editing a little, new information can be created and add some new points to it.

3-If you want to write a blog of movie information and want to earn money, then you can extract information about the movie from Google itself and edit it and put some more information and remove the photos from the movie and put it in the article which can be seen.  would feel great.

4-If you want, you can use fictional story and earn money by writing articles, many companies need fictional story, you can earn money by selling fictional story and a lot of articles can be written from it.

5-You can also earn money by writing a blog on game information, you will easily find the information of the game in the official website of the game and by editing it a little in your article, it can be easily used in the game in the present era.  There is a lot of trend of its demand is going to come now.

6-You can write articles about mobile and computer to write articles, its demand is also very high now, if you want, you can write in Hindi also because Hindi information is very less in Google, you have mobile or computer information about it.  Can be removed from the official website and can be easily edited and inserted in your blog.

7-If you want, you can write articles on education based, all types of blogs can be written from school to college, in this you will get a lot of content which can also be written by yourself, you will get a lot of topics on its education based.

8-If you want, you can write an article on a new song, that too by listening to the song, you can write the article exactly like that and earn money.

9-You can create articles by writing sari, you can create your article by making 10 sari every day and can also get popularity and can also sell it and earn money.

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