How to earn online money by making a website

Hello friends, today we will teach you how to earn money from the website, that too in very simple language, so that you can easily make a lot of income by creating a website.

                             For this, first you have to buy a website and take a storage system, the website is basically called domain and storage is called hosting, it is an online data storage service in which all your data is stored online.
                               So to buy hosting and domain, go to any best service like hostinger and godaddy service is good, website is fast, if you are creating for the first time, then take cheap hosting and then plan your plan according to the traffic.  upgrade to keep up the speed.
                             Now search the domain and keep it with a good name and if you want to rank organic, then buy the domain with .com, as well as keep in mind that the domain you are taking should not be ranked in Google otherwise your site is Google  will not be able to rank.
                            Somewhere you are given a domain free with the purchase of hosting and when you take the hosting then add the domain to the hosting, now after that you want to run the script, then go to the public folder of the file manager and install that script.  Or you can take help of wordpress and install wordpress.

                             WordPress is a fully automatic system that helps in designing your website, here you can use paid themes along with free themes, which is very good.  To customize your website, many plugins have been given in it, which can be used according to the need.
                              If you want to earn money in the website, then do not use any copyright material or content article, because of this you will not get Adsense approval.  Now after all this is done, you have to write at least 50 unique articles whose length is at least 700 words.
                                   When the article is complete, now it is necessary to index the site, to index you have to go to google search console, first of all you have to verify your website, then you have to put the link of your site and all the articles of the site here.  So that your website is added to Google search engine.
                                     After all this work is done, you have to create an account in Google Adsense and after the account is created, you have to enter your site here, then you have to verify here and click on the review option, after this you will take 10 to 15 days.  Once Google will approve you then you can earn online and start your career in this line.

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