How to earn money by paid promotion or paid advertisement

Hello friends, today we want to tell you a new technique to earn money, which is promotion, today through promotion or advertising, you can make a lot of income online, for this you should have some caution as well as some platform where you  Can show advertisement to public.

We are going to tell all the points to some point in this, so you should read carefully so that you do not have any problem-

Youtube advertising-

Yes friends, YouTube advertising is a very good way to earn money online, if you have a very good subscriber on your channel, whose response is very good and the view on the video will be very good, then you can get this work many times and you can advertise it as per your wish.  You can ask for money from 50000 to 500000 rupees of an advertisement and if you place this type of order 10 times in a month, you can earn a lot of money in a month.

Facebook advertising –

Paid promotion or advertising from Facebook is just like YouTube, here you have to rank it by creating a page, if once ranked then you start getting advertisements, you can also demand money from 20000 to 100000 in this.  and can earn a lot of money in a month.

Telegram Advertisement –

Hello friends, this is a new type of advertising app, it is made from the new technology of 2022 which is going to be trending in the year 2022, in this there are some simple steps like in this you have to create channel or group and increase channel and group member.  Once the increase is done, then the company itself will message you for paid promotion. This is a small promotion platform, so the earning for orders is a little less.


Freelancer website is an online platform, this website can give you income sitting at home, but because of this you should have some talent like making applications, coding, painting, making videos and writing articles.  If you know all this, then by going to the freelancer website, you can take up work by creating an id there and you can earn from 2000 to 20000 rupees per day sitting at home.

Earn by coding –

Hello friends, as you know that the era of 2022 is full online time and at the same time 5G internet is going to come, due to which the world of online market will become stronger and you can earn money online sitting at home, so you should know coding like- C++,  paython, termux etc are all external private institutes which teach you all these courses in less time once you learn this coding course then you can create big application you can take order online and in 2022 world of internet and  also going to increase.

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