How to earn money by ethical hacking

Hello friends, hello to all of you, today we are going to tell you a new way of earning online, so that you can earn from home and your work is good, then you can get a job in big companies and you can get very good salary.  The course will be very hard for the new student because it is a complete computer coding through which you work it is called ethical hacking.

Before knowing about ethical hacking, you have to know about hacking, basically hacking means cheating, this cheating is done online such as hacking the website, identifying damages in the website, bringing bugs etc.

Now hackers are in two ways, one is direct hacker hacker and the other ethical hacker, in direct hacker, hackers harm others’ online sites and get a means of earning money from it, similarly the work of ethical hacker is by hacking the website and finding its flaws.  And the owner has to tell about his shortcomings so that the owner can remove that shortcoming, only ethical hackers are useful to remove this deficiency.

Where the hacker is seen with hatred in the world, the same ethical hacker is seen with the eyes of a guru.  If you are successful then it will be very good for you, job offers will come from many good companies.

Now we know how to learn ethical hacking course and earn a lot of money from it-

1.For you to learn ethical hacking, you must have your own computer or laptop and it is also necessary to have a root mobile.

2.You should install Linux operating in your computer or mobile because from this all the ethical hacking course starts.

3.You can search videos in YouTube for basic information and good information about its coding, in YouTube you will find many different types of videos from which you can learn ethical hacking.

4.You can also take the help of telegram to learn coding, there are some channels in telegram which provide book of paid courses for a little money, some channels give books with courses of ethical hacking for free, then you can also learn from telegram.

5. There are some websites that provide and teach you online courses for earning online, you can join it by going to the classes of the website, then you can easily learn the course of ethical hacking sitting at home, once you have learned.  so you can earn good money.

6.You can read the course in ethical hacking online as well as offline, if you want to learn with your heart, then if you learn this course offline, then it will be good for you, in this you will have to go to its class, you will have to attend class everyday.  India currently has very good coaching institutes in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore where people from all over the country go to learn hacking.

Thank you for reading our blog and work from home and keep earning money online

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