Are you ready to spend lakhs of rupees unintentionally?

We do not have control over the circumstances created by nature, but if there is a chance of a means of rescue or a way to avoid unwanted economic crisis, then it should be done so that unnecessary mental and economic damage can be avoided.
condition is
Do you have Family Floater Health Insurance?

Care Health Insurance provides you protection against many diseases including Kovid-19.

Know some basic information that is available from the company
Complete medical expenses up to 30 days before hospitalization.
Full expenses up to 60 days after discharge.
Doctor Fee No Limit
ICU Charges No Limit
Single AC Room Charges No Limit
Two thousand ambulance charge per hospital Health insurance cover of husband wife and four children i.e. six members in a single policy Free health checkup of the whole family per year
NCB profit up to 150 percent
Cashless treatment facility with health card
Second Opinion Facility
Premium very low

* We all think that we are healthy * and should also feel like the mind is set, so it happens.but  If any member of the family has to be taken to the hospital suddenly, then the priority of the family members is to get suitable treatment, whatever the cost may be.

The savings that remain are spent and sometimes they spoil the debt or heritage from outside and spend it in treatment.
people break down in such situations
If health insurance is taken even for 5 lakhs, then you can beat the situation.


In the present situation, everyone is staying in their homes with caution.  Expenses should also be saved, as much as should be spent for basic needs, the same is being done.  Or say, you have also been given a good opportunity to save the present time (if you take it in a positive wave), especially for government employees, this time is for doing something new. If you understand, you can capitalize on the opportunity.

We will also tell you the 12 to 15 percent plan and also the guaranteed 6 percent one, which will be written in the policy bond and you will get the details of the maturity amount.

With SBI Life Insurance, you can take a health insurance plan.  After the serious illness is certified, the sum insured is deposited in the account of the insured.

Accidents never come by telling them.  Similarly, the symptoms of the disease appear suddenly.

There is a good investment opportunity in a plan with guaranteed returns.
You can start with 5000 monthly.  If you start with less amount then the returns will be less.  There will be no value of 5 or 10 lakhs in the next 12 or 15 years.

The plan with a guaranteed return of 6 percent is available till May 15, after which the interest will be less like banks are doing.

Insurance and tax benefit will be available extra.

Plan with only 6 or 7 year payment option.
So hurry up.

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