Know the true meaning of insurance in life

Know the true meaning of insurance in life
When insurance agents tell people about life insurance, people say this, I am not going to die now, I have a very long life.  Why do we forget that the uncertainties of life are not assured, but having life insurance is of great help in bad times.  The family becomes a support in that difficult time.  Life insurance is not because we are going to die, but because we have someone to live after us.

Imagine if someone gives us two checks in which one check is of 1 crore rupees and the other check is 15 thousand rupees, then which one will you like to take, it is inevitable that you will like 1 crore check.  So compare this example with your life, if after depositing 15 thousand rupees, you are provided with life insurance of 1 crore, then how will the deal be bad for you.

Think in your daily routine, you spend money on bills like food, clothes, housing, education and medicine etc. for your family members, but in return nothing is refunded, with this if we invest a little magic bill.  If we do, then our life gets a huge benefit, it simply means that in lieu of paying some amount of life insurance along with daily expenses, big profit is available in the form of magic bill.

Small savings of life are useful for fulfilling big work in future, so insurance can also be seen as a big will or property. Now tell that we can present a great example for people to understand today.  If we take insurance from us, then we can give a big will to our children in the form of maturity amount of insurance money.
* * takes care of children like a foster or guardian in case of accident with us due to accidental reason, the benefit of taking insurance is true only when his nominee gets the claim amount, the interest of which gives the family to some extent  Support is available.

People do not buy life insurance policies, rather they buy peace of mind, happiness and contentment.  By buying from this, we get the pleasure of living a life free from the worries of the future of our family.
The proposal form of the insurance agent is paper for him, but for the customer taking insurance, this paper provides many benefits to his family.  So take advantage of this piece of paper, it’s like a piece of paper in my bag If you pick it up, it will mean you arrange insurance benefits for your family.

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