What is atm card describe

What is ATM, its full name is Automatic Trailer Machine, it was discovered in England in 1967, it was born in the Shillong region of Meghalaya, India, now atm is being used a lot and without atm card, in today’s online world, do transactions it’s hard to get.



There is no money in the card or any ATM, the money is in our bank account, the money in the account is over, that means ATM is over, in earlier times, instead of ATM card, pass book is used, in which money is withdrawn using slip.  At the same time, there was a lot of trouble, so money could be withdrawn only from 11 am to 4 pm and at the same time money could not be withdrawn on Sunday, so this passbook system has been closed now.

The process of withdrawing money from the passbook was very safe because the money was given only to the account holder and not to the rest, but due to some flaws in it, it has been closed.  Money can be withdrawn from the ATM itself, as well as opening 24 hours, on Sundays and festival holidays also ATMs are open.

It costs very little to set up an ATM, like if we compare with a bank, the cost of space, staff expenses, Sundays and holidays, then we see ATMs very cheap here. One bank branch will be built in that 40 places ATM  The machine can be installed, now ATM card is needed to withdraw money from these ATM machines.

Debit card

ATM card is a card with the help of which we can withdraw money from ATM machine, it has 16 digit ATM code as well as cvv code which protects us from fraud and also has secret PIN code through which money is withdrawn.  More secure than credit cards
Any bank issues the debit card immediately, it reaches your address immediately or after a month by the bank.

Credit card

Credit card is a card that looks like a debit card, which is given by the bank, it is not given to all the people, it is given only to the selected people.  With this, one has to wait for 15 to 20 days and the other evil is that 50% interest had to be paid in it for a year.  It is easily available in comparison to this limit is set by the bank, you can buy any item or withdraw money up to that limit, it is not your money, it is bank’s money but it has to be met by 30.  There is no problem for 40 days, after that you have to pay less tax or interest.

We also have other advantages in credit cards like we get cashback on shopping as well as there is a reward system like making points like when you buy something similar then you get points, you can redeem it and take money along with some  There is another scheme in which you get to see only in credit card.


1.It takes a lot of penalty to withdraw cash.

2.If you do not pay money for 30 to 40 days, there is a lot of penalty in the form of interest.

3.It is not secure at all, if you pay anywhere, then you have to swipe with a credit card for this, but there is no option to enter a PIN in it, in such a situation, if your card is lost, then anyone can easily use your card. 

4.Credit card increases our spending as if we have 10 thousand, we have to buy 15 thousand goods, then we think that if we take the rest of the money from credit card, then it costs more money.

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