Loan Withdrawl process

Friends, first of all we should not take loan because people get caught in the cycle of loan and they have to pay a lot of interest, so we should not take loan.  Well why do we need a personal loan-

1.If some money falls short in marriage, then we can meet the extra expenses in marriage by taking personal loan.

2.If suddenly the expenditure in the name of treatment increases, in such a situation, if money is needed, then you can use the loan.

3.If money is needed suddenly for some work in the house and money is not available from the people of your identity then you can use personal loan.

Documents required to take personal loan

1-Adhar card
2-Pan card
4-bank passbook with 6 month status.
5-IT return
6-Source of income.
7-Sallery slip

Which bank suitable for you loan aprooving

1.Now all types of banks provide personal loan, so you can apply for loan by visiting any bank.

2.All banks give loans, but everyone’s interest in the bank is different, so take the loan from where the loan interest is low.

3.You can contact the bank with your main bank account in which your salary comes or you have a bussines account.

Your civil score should also be good, even if the civil score is bad, the bank does not give you the loan, a good civil score is calculated from 900 and a good score should be above 700, less than this you will find it difficult to get the loan  will go

Personal loan can be the most expensive loan, so do not take the option of this loan, take it only when it is most important and this loan is easily available, does not require much paper and does not require testimony and any kind of mortgage.  This loan is not required, you can take loan from 20 thousand to maximum 25 lakh, it does not get much time period like minimum 1 year to 10 years loan period is available.

The best option for you can be your main branch, you have to contact your main branch as well as use sbi bank because the interest in it is few percent less than the rest of the bank.

Some precautions before taking a loan

1.Before taking interest loan of some bank, you should find out so that extra loan can be avoided.

2.Your civil score should be good before taking a loan

3.Select government bank because there is less interest State Bank of India and Gramin Sahakari Bank which helps people.

4.Do not go to all the banks to know about the loan and about the interest, it spoils your civil score, you should not go to the maximum 2 banks to find out.

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